Zeiss Universal PM3 Microscope Beam Splitter Optovar and Dovetail Mount Clean!!!

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Zeiss Universal PM3 Microscope Beam Splitter /Optical Path Selector and Optovar

Four settings:
1) White (all the way in) - Full image in binocular head/eyepieces

2) Red (1st stop out) - 50/50 eyepieces/lower prism to the back

3) Black (2nd stop out) - 50/50 eyepieces/upper and lower prism to the back

4) Fully pulled out - Full image to the trinocular port to the top

Slides smoothly and all prisms are in good condition.

Dovetail Mount


*Four settings:  1.25x - 1.6x - 2x - PH (focusable)

*Detent clicks into positive position at each stop

*Dovetail mount for turret is 26mm-31mm

*Comes with one plastic dust cap

Upper opening for 11mm x 39mm slider

Lower opening for 4mm x 12mm slider

Includes large dust cap

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