Zeiss Microscope Fluorescent Bulb Holder 7-Pin Connector 75W XBO 50W HBO 468031

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Zeiss Microscope Lamp Holder 468031 (46 80 31) / Bulb Socket and Cord
For XBO 75 w/2

Heavy gauge cable
AMP Connector 863024-28144 with 7 pins

*Heat sink
*Wire loop

Base opening for bottom of bulb 8mm (tightens with spanner)
Radiator opening for top of bulb 9mm down to 8.65mm (tightens with 3mm hex tool)

I suspect you should check your bulb diameter. There may be some sort of reducer required.

Can be adapted to other bulb sizes like 50W (Please ask questions if you are uncertain whether this will work for your applications.

For use in Zeiss Illuminator 100 467259 (46 72 59). Make sure you have the 3 lens condenser for fluorescence 46 72 74.