Zeiss KM Compact Brightfield/Phase Contrast Microscope 10/40/100 Ph2 Slider

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Zeiss KM Compact Brightfield/Phase Contrast Microscope
Model 47 06 00 9901

4 Zeiss Objectives
*Plan 10x/0.22 160/- (part no. 46 04 10 - 9903)
*Ph2 40x 160/0.17 either 0.65 or 0.75
*Plan 100x/1.25 oel 160/- (part no. 41 17 825)

Built-in Head
*2 Kpl W 10x/20 highpoint eyepieces (for use with glasses)
*Interpupillary distance adjustment by pivoting eyeports

Built-in Ph2 phase contrast slider
*Part no. 47 06 56
*Two sets of centration tools for two different inserts
*Ph2 insert

Built-in filter carousel

Smooth focus mechanism (Blue knobs)
*Objective turret raises/lowers

X/Y Mechanical stage
*Moves nicely
*Part no. 47 06 33
*Sample rack with retaining clip
*Y range 26mm; X range 72mm

Objective turret turns to select objectives with knobs on side (Silver knobs)
*Mechanism works smoothly

On/off light intensity knob on side

Built-in instructions on metal plate - stores/slides in slot on the bottom


Comes with power cord