Zeiss GFL Polarizing Monocular Microscope Base Rotating Stage 8x Eyepiece

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Zeiss GFL Polarizing Monocular Microscope

Zeiss Monoscope
*8x Eyepiece
*Flip-in Bertrand lens
*Adjustable iris
*Focusable tube

Zeiss Polarizing Intermediate Tube
*Rotating analyzer (minor deterioration around edge)
*Slides smoothly

Rotating stage
*360 Verniers
*Click-stop lever and 
*Locking lever

1.3 Condenser
*Magnifying lens
*180 rotating analyzer
*Smooth vertical focus

Unique GFL Base
*Metal knobs
*Smooth coarse/fine focus
*Field lens with iris aperture (adjusts with rotating collar) w/ mirror
*Rear lamphouse port

Rotating intermediate polarizing tube with polarizing slider (minor delamination just out of viewing area)

Requires lamp and lamp socket/transformer and turret/objectives to operate. Feel free to ask question

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