Zeiss 2-Head Teaching System Dual-Observation Universal Standard Junior 4-8X KPL

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Dual-Observation System for Zeiss Universal / Junior / Standard / Others - Grey

Standard 43mm dovetail mount.

Two different style heads - one where the interpupillary distance is adjusted by sliding in/out, the other, the angle between eyepiece ports is changed to adjust interpullary distance. Also, one has two focusable eyepiece ports, the other has only one...no real disadvantage.

4 - 8KPL Highpoint eyepieces / 23.3mm diameter (work with glasses on)

For internal pointing arrow to work, you need an illumination system - otherwise works fine. 

Diameter of light-receiving port on the dual head block is 11.6mm

There's a lever on the side where the arrow controller is which flips in a colored filter I believe./

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