Wild Leitz Biomed Phase Contrast DF Microscope 4 Lenses 4/10ph/40ph/100ph Oil

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Leitz BIOMED Phase Contrast Clinical Microscope 4x/10xph/40xph/100xph

Clinic Ready!!!

Clear/Clean Images

Binocular Head

2 Periplan 10X Eyepieces

4 Leitz Objectives

*4X 0.10 160/-

*10X 0.25 160/- Phaco1

*40X 0.65 160/0.17 Phaco2 - spring loaded

*100X Oil 1.25 160/0.17 Phaco3 - spring loaded

Sturdy BIOMED Stand

*Smooth coarse/fine focus

*Zernicke Rotating 513558 Condenser with Darkfield/Phaco1/Phaco2/Phaco3 stops and "Open"

*Mechanical specimen holder with verniers

Adjustable intensity illumination

*Built-in power cord

*6V bulb



*Extra bulb

In great shape. Some minor cosmetic imperfections.

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