Walz Imaging Pam Maxi Chlorophyll Fluorometer NIR

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Walz Imaging PAM NIR Chlorophyll Fluorometer in Travel Box

Photo Booth/Camera Mount
*NIR 7
*Red 4 / 220
*2 Built-in cables - red/black leads - 15-pin DSub connector

Control Module
*S/N IKEB0117
*USB connection
*On/off switch with power/charge indicator lights
*Maxi-head connector
*2 Camera connectors
*Mini-head connector
*RGB-head connector

Elektro-Automatic 48V Power Supply
*EA-PS 548-05 T
*Art. Nr. 35320123
*S/N 2004510141
*+/- leads connector
*Remote sense 2-pin connector

Allied Vision Technologies Dolphin Camera
*Firewire port 
*Pentax tv lens 12.5mm 1:1.4 with cap
*Com/S1 - Trg/S2 - Power indicator LEDs
*12-Pin round connector

Comes with:
*Black felt shroud
*AC 4-pin 19V adapter - Cincon Electronics TR70A1912A02
*PC laptop with Win10 and all software preloaded and tested
*All cables - Firewire - 8-pin cable 

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