VRmC-C-3+Pro VRmc-3+ VRMagic 1/3" C-mount USB Microscope Camera 80fps 6x6um

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VRmagic VRmC-3+ PRO C-Mount Camera 

and USB cable (Upgraded firmware to v. 22.11) with C-mount Dust Cover


• Board camera (OEM) 

• Board camera with lense (COB M9 and COB M12) 

• Housing camera (PRO) 

• Versions COB and OEM with optional illumination 

Sensor Characteristics 

• 754x482 pixel array size 

• Active pixel size: 6x6 µm 

• 1/3“ optical format 

• Global (snapshot) shutter 

• Anti-blooming control 

• Readout in 8 bit 

• Bayer RGB color pattern

• Switchable auto exposure and auto gain mode 

Optical and Physical Characteristics 

• Aluminium housing (36x36x26.5 mm) with C-mount
(PRO only) 

• Focal length 6.0 mm F2.8 (M9xP0.5) 

• IR cut-off filter (650 nm) 

• Responsivity 4.8 V/lux sec (550 nm) 

• Power supply via USB 

• Operating temperature 0° to 40° C 

• Storage temperature -30° to 80° C 

• Board-size 32x32 mm by 14-17 mm depth and four
mounting holes at 28x28 mm (COB and OEM) 

Data Transfer Characteristics 

• High-speed USB 2.0 interface 

• Max. frame rate 69 fps (754x482 progressive scan)
or 80 fps (640x480) 

• Data rate up to 25 MB/sec 

• No frame grabbing hardware necessary 

• Parallel operation of multiple cameras possible

Comes with 
*USB cable
*Quickstart guide
*C-mount cover

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