Vision Engineering Cobra Microscope 6-40X Schott Fiber Optic Light Ring Upgrade Complete

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Vision Engineering Cobra 6x-40x Inspection Microscope 

Working distance - 85mm
Field of view max. zoom - 3.5mm
Field of view min. zoom - 24mm

Large Cobra head with two eyepieces
*Diopter adjustment
*Inter-pupillary distance adjustment
*Spinning disk operates on start-up

Intermediate camera attachment module with sliding optical path selector
*Requires additional adapter for camera mounting

Sturdy stand
*Large viewing area - two sided stage plate insert
*Smooth vertical focus
*Smooth zoom control

Upgraded Illumination System
*Variable intensity light source 115-120V input
*Schott fiber optic light ring attaches to objective lens
*1x objective

According to the Vision Engineering Tech, "This lighting system is better than their own."

Comes with:
*Power cords
*Extra bulb

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