Unitron MPS-2 Polarizing Monocular Microscope Rotating Stage Coated P4X M10X Obj Complete

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Unitron Polarizing Microscope MPS-2

1 Olympus 10x Eyepiece
*Clean and clear/free of chips and cracks
*Cross Hairs
*Dust cap

Sturdy Tilting Base
*Upper barrel focuses is smooth - coarse/fine
*Locking front clutch assembly to hold objectives

2 Unitron Objectives
*Coated P4x n.A. 0.10
*Coated M10x n.A 0.25

Rotating Circular Stage
*Securing screw and measuring gage
*360 Verniers
*2 Stage clips

*Flip-in/out lens
*Adjustable height - secures with thumb screw
*Iris aperture adjustment - smooth and rod unbent
*Rotating sub-stage polarizer just replaced - reorientation may be required but not necessary which is easy to do anyways

Polarizer Slider/blank

Bertrand lens 
*Flips in/out (not sure if it's supposed to focus or not)

One Removable Mirror
*No cracks or chips/clean
*On mounting pin 
*Concave and flat side
(You must provide light source)

Colored manual

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