Photometrics cf2 Firewire Turbo 1394 Coolsnap Monochrome Microscope Camera

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Photometrics Roper Scientific Coolsnap cf2 for Firewire 1394

Primary Applications

*Fixed-cell fluorescence

*36-bit color imaging



*DIC phase-contrast imaging

*Darkfield imaging

Key Characteristics:

*Turbo 1394 interface (FireWire)

*20-MHz operation

*1392 x 1040 imaging pixels

*4.65 x 4.65-µm pixels

*>40% quantum efficiency

*Detector cooled to 5°C below ambient

*Subcompact, fanless design

*Monochrome model (12-bit images)

Requires firewire cable and can run on any number of software products

Guaranteed not DOA

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