Pharmacia LKB FPLC System Frac100 P-500 LCC-501Plus MV-7 Mixer UV Detector Parts

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Amersham Pharmacia LKB FPLC System for Parts / Repair

Consists of:

*LKB Frac100 fraction collector

*2 x LKB P-500 pumps

   -Code 18-103-65

   -S/N 56102694 DO 011297

   -S/N 56102694 DO 001298

*LKB controller LCC-501Plus

   -Code 18-4000-01

   -S/N 56400001 DO 002128

*LKB UV M2 UV detector

   -Code No. 18-1001-10 

   -S/N 56101433 DO 002648 

*Optical unit (mercury bulb)


   -S/N 56060401 DO 006893

*Motor valve MV-7 

   -Code No. 19-7510-01

   -S/N 59551000 DO 009831

*Mixer 24V @5mPa 50-60Hz

*Stand with shelves/rods 40" w x 36" t x 15" deep

   -There is a built-in power strip with a bunch of power cords fed up into it.

*Cables / power cords

Mostly everything is connected. Ask me for additional details if you have questions.

I can pack this and prepare for shipping - no extra charge.

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