Pentax Light Source LS-150P for Endoscopy w/ Built-in Pump (READ NO BOTTLE)

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Pentax LH-150P Endoscope Light Source and Pump for Insufflations

Special Features: 

This item has a halogen light source with a screw on face plate to allow
use of multiple manufacturers’ style of flexible scopes. 

Quick Connect Bottle came off of this unit

This system uses a 150 watt
halogen lamp lasting approximately 50 hours. 

The unit also contains an air pump with a
minimum of 0.35 KG/cm2 pump pressure. 

Dimensions Case Height 5.8 inches
Width 7.7 inches
Depth 11 inches 

Cube 0.48 cu ft 

Weight. 13.9 lbs 

Operating Temperature 10º to 40º C 50° to 104° F 

Operating Humidity 30 to 85 % 

Storage Temperature -20º to 60° C -4° to 140° F 

Storage Humidity 0 to 85% 

Power Requirements 120/220VAC 50/60HZ 

Power Consumption 200VA (volt-ampere) 

Lamp 150W Halogen 

Cooling System Forced air/heat sink
Visual Brightness Range 0.5~1.0X 

Air Feeding Pressure 0.35kg/cm2 

Standard Flow 2,000cc/min @ 0.2kg/cm2 

Built-in Power Cord

4 Extra Large Rubber Feet in great shape

Manufactured by Asahi in Japan

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