Optronics DEI-750TD Digital Color CCD Microscope Camera

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DEI-750TD with 2 Stage Thermoelectrical (Peltier) Cooling! Optronics Digital Color CCD Camera with Peltier Cooling (for long exposures) - Tested - Working!!!

C-mount camera with extension tube - heavy fins to dispell heat

Controller Model no. 60674


Software disks for frame grabber



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Tested - working

The DEI-750TD remote camera head produces extremely low dark current to provide true 8-bit dynamic range by utilizing a Thermoelectrically (Peltier) Cooled CCD 2 stage thermoelectrically (Peltier) cooled to 37°C below ambient temperature. This cooling allows capture of noise-free images which are too dim for human vision.

On-Chip Integration permits exposure from 1/10,000 up to 2 minutes for the DEI-750TD. This exposure system operates manually or automatically to accurately display samples ranging in illumination from dim fluorescence to normal brightfield viewings.

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