Olympus Vintage Universal PMF Polarizing Inverted Microscope Box and Accessories

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Vintage Olympus PMF Inverted Microscope

Binocular head
*3 - 7x P Eyepieces
*2 - 10x P Eyepieces
*3 - 15x P Eyepieces
*1 - 20x P Eyepiece

*Pair eyeguards

Four Olympus objectives with individual dovetail mounts
*M6 N.A. 0.11
*M10 N.A. 0.25
*M40 N.A. 0.65
*M100 N.A. 1.30

*Dust cap

Sturdy base with two carrying handles
*Rotating magnifying turret
*Camera with side viewing tubes (1 with eyepiece, 1 with 45mm viewing screen)

*Large green, yellow and blue rectangular glass filters - 45mm x 60mm
*Large rectangular mirror 57mm x 74mm
*Specimen clips

*Two stage inserts
*6X Magnifier
(I'm working on getting a polarizer)

*Dust brush

*Large wooden box with accessory tray/base
*4 Objective vials