Olympus SZ1145 Trinocular Stereozoom 1.8-11x Microscope Dual-Illumination Camera Complete

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Olympus SZ1145 Trinocular 1.8x-11x Stereozoom Microscope 
*Darkfield/Brightfield Capable Base
*Imaging System

Loaded - Ready to use!!!

73mm Working Distance
6.1 Zoom Ratio
Field of view 12.2mm - 2mm (1.8x - 11x)

SZ1145 Head Unit with Photo Port
*2 GSWH 10x/22 high point eyepieces
*2 Focusable eyeports
*Interpupillary adjustment
*1 Measuring reticle
*2 Zoom knobs operate smoothly
*SZ30 Lower assembly
*Extension ring

Imaging System
*5MP USB camera, cable and software
*Custom adapter
*Focusable Diagnostic Instruments 0.7 C-mount adapter with "O" clamp

ST-STS Focusing Stand on SZH-ILLD Base
*Brightfield/Darkfield control lever (LBD-2N filter/frosted glass in this setup)
*12v 50W bulb
*On/off switch
*Intensity adjustment dial
*Auxiliary light control/4-pin outlet
*100mm Black/white plastic stage insert (if you don't want to use the stage)
*BH-SH stage with smooth coaxial x/y controls and specimen clip
*SZH-STAD1 adapter

Epi-Illumination System
*Fiber optic light ring
*Nikon MKII light source with built-in cord
*Intensity adjusting knob/on/off switch
*21V 150W

Comes with:
*Two manuals
*Power cord for base
*Extra 12V 50W bulb
*Extra 21V 150W bulb

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