Olympus IMT IM Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope 5MP Camera / Accessories Complete

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Olympus IM Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope
5MP Tucsen GT Camera

Trinocular head
*2 Bi-CK10x eyepiece
*5.0 GT 5MP Tucsen high performance USB camera/cable/software for Win7/10 & Mac!
*0.5x Camera adapter
*Optical path selector knob - in/out motion is smooth

5 Olympus Objectives on 5 Position Removable Turret
*Plan 1.3x / 0.3 NA 
*4x / 0.10 NA
*10x / 0.25 NA
*CPL 20x / 0.40 NA 1.2
*LWD CPlan 40x / 0.55 Corr. collar 0.7-1.3mm (black dimpled grip is cracking but holds together)

Sturdy IM Frame
*Lamp house on adjustable post
    -6V 30W bulb - 2 extras
    -2 Flip-in filter holders
    -ULWD condenser
    -20x phase contrast annuli
*Smooth coarse/fine focus - just /cleaned and regreased
*Large stage with extension
*4-Position phase contrast slider for 0(open)/10/20/40 magnification

*2 Extra special 6V 30W bulbs 
*Power cord

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