Olympus CK2 Inverted Trinocular Microscope Phase Contrast 5MP USB Cam 4/10/40 PL Complete

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Olympus CK2 Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope

Includes Tucsen GT 5.0 Camera

Lab Ready!!!

Wideview Trinocular Head

*Two 10x/20L WHK eyepieces 

*U-PMTVC C-mount adapter

*5.0MP Tucsen GT camera with accelerated graphics and 0.5x adapter

   -Software works with Mac and Win7/10

*Adjustable interpupillary distance and diopter (one focusable eyepiece port)

3 Olympus Phase Contrast Objectives

*SPlan 4x PL 0.13 - 160/-

*A10x PL 0.25 - 160/0.17

*LWD CDPlan 40x FPL 0.55 - 160/1

Lamp Stand

*Slider w/ 3 annuli 4/10-20/40 "RS"

*Filter holder

*ULWCD 0.30 Condenser and adjustable aperture iris

*6V 20W bulb and LS-20H bulb socket

Sturdy Base

*Large stage and stage extension

*Illuminated on/off switch and intensity adjusting knob

*Smooth focus mechanism

Comes with

*Extra Bulb

*Power Cord


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