Olympus BH-2 Fluorescent Microscope System 4/10/40/100X FITC DAPI TRITC Cubes

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Olympus BH-2 Fluorescent Research Grade Microscope 4/10/40/100x Objectives

Trinocular Head
*One WHK 10x/20L-H Eyepiece, One WHK 10x/20L
*Smooth interpupillary and diopter adjustment

4 Olympus objectives
*DPlan 4x 0.10 160/0.17
*SPlan 10x 0.30 160/0.17
*SPlan 40x 0.70 160/0.17
*DPlan 100x Oil 1.25 160/0.17

Qimaging Retiga 1300R 10-bit Monochrome 1339 Firewire camera
*Shutter controller

Fluorescent Epi-Illumination Attachment BH2-RFCA
3 Filter Cubes

Fluorescent Lamphouse 
*Adjusting wheels
*Built-in cord with 
*Osram HBO 100W/2

BH2-RFL-T3 Fluorescent Lamp Power Supply

ASI MFC-2000 Motorized Focus Unit
This has been set up and is working

Study base
*6V 20W LS-20H Lamp/Lamphouse
*1.25 Abbe condenser
*Smooth manual coarse/fine focus
*Field lens with smooth iris aperture adjustment

Extra 6V bulb