Nikon Trinocular Polarizing Inspection Microscope on Boom Stand 40x-400x Camera

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Nikon Trinocular Microscope on Boom Stand 40x-200x Not Stereozoom

Nikon trinocular head
*Two CFWN 10x focusable eyepieces
*Interpupillary and diopter adjustment
*Top port for camera 42mm diameter
*Camera Adapter + 5MP USB Camera/Software/Cable - Easy to use.
*Computer not included

4 Nikon objectives 
*Plan 4x 0.1 160/-
*Plan 10x 0.25 160/-
*20x Infinity CFI Barrel is marred but does not affect image
*M Plan 40x 0.5 ELWD 210/-

Illumination System
*Epi-Illiminator with 50W lamphouse 
*Nikon Model UN 12V transformer
*Rotating Polarizing Slider
*Polarizing Analyzer Slider
*ND slider
*Forward and rear aperture adjustments

This is not a stereozoom system. The two eyepieces resolve a single image from the objective, not two separate images as a stereozoom.