Nikon SMZ-U Stereozoom 7.5x-75x Zoom Microscope w/ Fiber Optic Light RIng MK II

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Nikon SMZ-U Stereozoom Microscope Complete Set-up (Fine focus isn't working, coarse is)

Zoom 1:10
7.5 to 75X Magnification

SMZ-U Body
*0.75 to 7.5 Zoom
*Dual iris aperture adjustment
*Plan 1X objective

2 Nikon SMZ-U UW10x/24 Focusable Eyepieces
*Eye guards
*Diopter adjustable

Ergonomic Head with Angled Eyeports

Heavy Base with 
*Plastic stage insert (Black/White)
*Stage clips
*Securing tool

Nikon Light Source MKII
*150W/21V Bulb
*Adjustable intensity knob/on-off switch
*Cooling fan

Fostec-Schott Fiber Optic Light Ring
*Model 60-30-5/8
*30" Length
*Ring: 60mm
*Input Diameter: 5/8"
*Bundle Diameter: 3/8"

*Sample not included*