Nikon LV100POL Research Grade Polarizing Microscope Plan Fluor 60X 4 Pol Lenses Complete

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Nikon Polarizing Microscope LV-100POL LV100D-U

Research Grade - Lab Ready!


Nikon Trinocular Head LV-TI Sn 639521

*Two MAK10100 CFI 10x/22 focusing eyepieces

*30mm eyepiece ports

*Optical path selector

*Nikon C-mount camera adapter LV-TV

*Tucsen 5MP USB camera/software/cable Win7/10 & Mac

Intermediate tube P-I

*Focusing Bertrand lens

*Tint plate λ=530nm, retarding plate 1/4λ λ=546nm

*360° rotating analyzer slider

Five-position quintuple centerable nosepiece P-N with two centration tools

4 Nikon CFI achromat lenses:

*4x/0.10 P /- WD 30

*MRP50042 sn 20101027

*10x/0.25 P /- WD 7.0

*MRP50102 sn 20100920

*LWD 20x/0.40 LWD P /0.17 WD 3.9

*MRP50202 sn 20100920

*40x/065 P /0.17 WD 0.65

*MRP50402 sn 20100920

*Plan Fluor 60x/0.50-1.25 Oil Iris WD 0.22

*MRH02601 sn 20110101


Sturdy LV Base

*Circular Rotary Stage with 360° Verniers

*Ratcheting on/off lever

*Mechanical stage with smooth x/y translation 

   *Travel range 35mm x 25mm

*Darkfield condenser LV-CUD sn 696179

*Darkfield ring insert D-C MBH79250

*Aperture iris controlled by front lever

*Two filters controlled by levers on the side



Halogen 12V 50W lamp house

*LV-LH50PC sn 759637

*Built-in cord 3-pin connector

*Extra bulb 12 V 50W MXA23045



*Two centration tools

*Two stage clips

*Two dust plugs

*Two dust caps

*Two Allen tools

*Two hex tools

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