Nikon Labophot-POL Polarizing Microscope 3 P Lenses 4/10/40 with 5MP USB Camera

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Nikon Labophot-POL Polarizing Microscope System

Transmitted light for thin sections/transparent specimens

Nikon Trinocular Head

*Flip-in Bertrand lens (conoscopic/orthoscopic) - only works through eyepieces, not the camera port

*One CFWN 10x focusing eyepiece

*One CFWN 10x CM with measuring reticle

*Pivoting eyepiece ports for interpupillary adjustment (55-75mm)

*Optical path selector - camera port vs. eyepieces

*Two eyeguards

Imaging System

*5.0MP USB camera

*0.7 Diagnostic Instruments focusable c-mount adapter

*USB cable

*Software - easy to use Win7/10 "S-Eye" or/and Mac Amscope's "AmX"

*Sensor cap

Nikon Polarizing Intermediate Tube

*Rotating inner-ring with Verniers - smooth movement

*Polarizing analyzer slider

*1/4 λ wave retarding plate and sensitive 530nm tint slider

Nikon Polarizing "Strain Free" Objectives on Centerable 4-Place Nosepiece/Turret

*4X P 0.1 160/-

*10X P 0.25 160/-

*40X P 0.65 160/0.17

*Dust cap

Sturdy Nikon Labophot-POL Stand

*Coarse/fine vertical focus with scale - smooth movement

*Collector lens

*Field lens with aperture adjustment dial

*On/off/intensity adjusting dial

*Circular Rotary Stage - turns easily and smoothly

*360° Scales with Verniers for accurate measurement

*Thumb screw for locking position

*Ratcheting on/off lever

*Mechanical stage Type E

*Rear lamp house 6V 20W

*Condenser 0.9 ACHR for Polarizing Microscopes (Yellow Arrow)

*Flip-in lens for higher magnifications

*Pop-in polarizing filter with white dot for position marking

*Centerable/focusable - smooth vertical movement

*Adjustable aperture iris


*Green interference filter (GIF)


*Instruction manual

*Extra bulb

*2 Objective centering tools

This instrument has very few cosmetic imperfections.

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