Nikon Alphaphot2 Phase Contrast Trinocular Microscope 5MP Cam 4/10PH/40PH/100PH Complete

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Nikon Alphaphot2 YS2 Phase Contrast Trinocular Microscope 4/10PH/40PH/100PH
Tucsen 5MP Camera

Lab/Clinic Ready!!!

Trinocular Head "F"
*2 CFW 10x eyepieces
*Interpupillary and dioptor adjustable
*0.5x Camera adapter with Tucsen 5.0 GT USB camera/cable/software - Mac and Win7/10

Four Nikon Objectives
*E 4x 0.10 160/-
*E10x 0.25 160/- Ph1 DL
*E 40x 0.65 160/0.17 Ph3 DL
*E 100x 1.25 Oil 160/0.17 Ph4 DL

Sturdy / Lightweight Frame
*Large stage with slide holder and mechanical stage with smooth x/y movement
*Built-in power cord with cord holders
*1.25 Condenser
   -o/Ph1/Ph2/Ph3/Ph4/DF (Darkfield)
   -Iris aperture
   -Centration knobs on bottom
*On/off switch - intensity adjusting knob
*6V 30W Bulb with extra
*Built-in hex tool (for mountin head for example)

*Extra bulb

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