Hitachi KP-M1U Digital Microscope C-Mount Camera w/ Power Supply for Parts

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Hitachi KP-M1U CCD Digital Color Microscope Camera w/ Power Supply

Description: This unit has the following features:
Sensor pick up device: 1/3" interline transfer CCD
Signal standard: EIA Monochrome
Sensing scanning area: 4.88 (H) x 3.09 (V) mm
Total number of pixels: 811 (H) x 508 (V)
Number of effective pixels: 768 (H) x 494 (V)

This unit has the following specifications:
Pixel pitch: 6.35 (H) x 7.4 (V) µm
Scanning frequency: 15.734 kHz (H), 59.94Hz (V)
Sync system: Internal or external (automatic switching)
External sync input: HV/VD 2 to 6 volts p-p input impedance 1kohm, frequency deviation ±1%, negative polarity
Resolution: 570 (H) x 485 (V) TV lines
Scanning system: 2:1 interlaced / 525 lines / 60 fields per second / 30 frames per second or non-interlaced (only in external sync mode or with modification)
Standard sensitivity: 400 lux @ f4 (3200K)
Minimum sensitivity: 0.5 lux at f1.4 (with AGC on, gamma 0.45, without IR cut filter)
Electronic Shutter: off, 1/100th, 1/125th, 1/250th, 1/500th, 1/1,000th, 1/2,000th, 1/4,000th, 1/10,000th (selectable by external switch)
Gamma correction: 0.45 or 1.0 (selectable by internal switch)
Signal to noise ratio: 56 dB
AGC: Normal or AGC (selectable by internal switch)
Video output: VS 1.0 volt p-p 75 ohms unbalanced. (0.7 volts p-p video and 0.3 volts p-p sync negative polarity)
Integration mode: Field or frame integration (selectable by external switch)
Field on demand function: Switchable on/off by internal switch
Restart reset operation: On/Off selectable by component change
Lens mount: C
Flange focal distance: 17.526 mm
Dimensions: 44 (W) x 29 (H) x 72 (D) mm
Weight: 120 grams (approx)
Supply voltage: 12 volts dc ±1 volt
Current consumption: 180 mA (approx)
*Dust cap included

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