Hercules Stainless Rated Mod. 14 Pressure Vessel Holder BP 1579A 110PSI on Stand

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Hercules Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel Rated Mod. 14 Filter Holder BP 1579A 110PSI on Stand.

Inlet: 3/8 FIP w/ Kunkel pressure relief valve

*Mod. 548-A; 110 psi; 136 scfm

Outlet: several stainless steel fittings including shutoff valve, a couple each of plugs/nipples, and a Swagelok type connection on the bottom.

Heavy lid w/ 4 securing wing bolts

Large o-ring

Stainless mess screen fits on bottom of inside

Depth 8 3/8” (215cm)

Diameter 4 3/4 (120cm)

Adjustable lab stand w/ two 1/2” rods

*24” tall plus base

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