Fotodyne Foto/Convertible Mod. No. 3-3450 Dual UV-Transilluminator White Light

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Fotodyne Foto/Convertible Mod. No. 3-3450

Transilluminator UV / White Light


Powers up - the 4 UV bulbs illuminate at both power levels

White top illuminates, too.

Safety interlock shuts off UV lights when top goes down.

see specifics below:

No white light bulbs or separate conversion panels required.

Uses electroluminescent (EL) technology to let you "put the top down" as experimental conditions change.

(four) 8-watt, 312 nm bulbs
Preparative and analytical modes

UV transparent glass protector, removable

Cooling fan

White Light Transilluminator

Patented EL technology
15X more uniform light illumination than bulb-based
Water-tight, acrylic-encased light panel
Low heat generation
Safety interlock to extinguish UV bulbs when white light is in use

Use precautions as this unit produces UV radiation - harmful to the eyes and skin

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