Electrical Control Box NEMA 4X AB Allen-Bradley SLC100 Prog. Controller 14x16x6

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Industrial AB SLC100 Programmable Controller with NEMA 4/4x Electrical Enclosure for Wire Stripper - Many Applications

UL Cut Out Box J-547 14"x16'X6"

TYPE 4 & 4X Enclosure

Ladder diagram explains use:

Inputs include: 3 proximity sensors/DC+/Reset-Start

Outputs include: cutter/stripper/counter/blower

Additional circuit board: PR2426

Has panel mounted Veeder-Root Mini LX Totalizer on surface

Has panel mounted fuse holder

Has panel mounted 16-pin connector

Has panel mounted On/Off switch

Has panel mounted pilot light

Has panel mounted push button

Connects to 110V

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