American Optical Fluorescent 110 Microscope Plan Achro Infinity 4/10/20/40/100

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American Optical Fluorescent 110 Microscope with 5 Plan Achro Objectives

100W HBO Fluorescent lamphouse with lamp (unsure of hours) and lamp socket with built-in cord
Model 2054 Power supply with built-in power cord and starter module

Epi-illuminator with 2 filter cubes - some deterioration has occured on one of the 2074 filters (top one which is visible)
*Slider mechanism smooth

Microstar Binocular Head
*2 10x W.F. Eyepieces
*Diopter adjusts smoothly
*Interpupillary adjusts smoothly

5 American Optical Infinity Corrected objectives
*4x /0.12 Cat. No. 1017
*10x/0.25 Cat. No. 1019
*20x/0.50 Cat. No. 1022
*40x/0.66 Cat. No. 1023
*100x/1.25 Cat. No. 1024

Sturdy Base with built-in power supply for transillumination
*On/off intensity knob
*Flip-in filter knob
*Iris aperture adjustment knob

*Extra 12V bulb