130 Excel Scientific SPR-L-S10 Disposable Spreaders 13 packs of 10

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Brand new Excel Scientific SPR-L-S10 disposable spreaders, Lot of 130. 
This lot of 130 includes 13 individually sealed 10 piece packets. We will ship this item for free!

  • Material: Polystyrene
  • Description: Excel Scientific SPR-L-S10 disposable, 13 10/pak
  • Number Of Items: 130
  • Unlike glass spreaders, durable polystyrene Lazy-L spreaders are non-breakable and pose no safety hazard
  • L-shaped for convenient "lazy" spreading; just turn the Petri dish for smooth, even sample distribution
  • Smooth spreading surface and a slight upward turn reduce the chance that the spreader will dig into agar
  • Presterilization eliminates flaming or autoclaving and reduces risk of contamination
  • No more time spent bending glass rods or waiting for glass or metal spreaders to cool before use!