1 Pair (2x) CPI SV300 Controller - Use with MSV’s MSAT G2 Mobile Satellite Radio

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One Pair (2x) CPI Communications, Inc SV300 Controller
with Mount

*PTT microphone
*Selector knob Net-Hand held-Local-Phone
*Volume adjust

*8 OHM speaker plug
*8-pin connector to radio
*+12/GND plug
*G2-D89 serial port
*Port to satellite handset

The new SV300 gives a handheld or mobile user access to the G2 transmit and receive functions when connected between a mobile radio and the G2 unit. The SV300 is normally mounted in a vehicle and is connected between the satellite radio and a two way mobile radio. When the user leaves the vehicle, a handheld is used to communicate over the satellite radio through the mobile using the SV300 unit. The SV300 can be used with almost any brand or model of mobile and handheld.