Wild Heerbrugg M3 Stereozoom Microscope 6.4x/16x/40x 10xG Eyepieces Stand Lights Complete

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Wild Heerbrugg M3 6.4/16/40 Zoom Stereozoom Microscope w/ Box

M3 Binocular Body
*2 - Wild Heerbrugg eyepieces 10x/G w/ securing screws
*1 Focusing eyeport for diopter adjustment
*Eyeports spread apart for interpupillary distance adjustment
*Securing knob to the stand
*1.5x Objective part no. 352875
Wild Heerbrugg Stand
*80mm Black/white stage insert glass plate
*2 - Stage clips
*350mm Post

Lighting System
*Wild Heerbrugg articulating lamp holders - mount to bottom
*2 - Integral 6V/20W bulb holders
*2 - 6V/20W bulbs

Wild power supply
*Power cord
*Power indicator
*Intensity adjusting knob
*On/off switch

Comes with:
*Extra 6V/20W bulb

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