Scienscope Tilting Ergonomic Stereozoom Microscope Leica LED2500 Stand 0.8x-8x Complete

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Scienscope E-Series Stereozoom Microscope with Leica LED2500 Stand

Scienscope CMO-BHE E-Series 0 to 45 Tilting Binocular Head ($1550+ msrp)

- S/N: 1507003

- Two WF 10x/22 focusing highpoint eyepieces ($152 msrp)

- One measuring reticle

Sciescope CMO-BD-16 Microscope Body ($850+ msrp)

- Zooms 1x to 6x

- S/N: BD16Y150116

Plan 1x Objective ($316 msrp)

- CMO-LA-10

Leica LED2500 Compact Dual-Illumination (Incident and Transmitted) Integrated Focusing Base ($1500 msrp)

S/N: 5965184

- Glass stage insert - 110mm diameter

LED2500 Tripod with integrated incident light and transmitted light for Leica S, M and DMS series microscopes

- With USB 2.0 port for camera power supply

- 6100K Color temperature

- 4-point ring light

- 3-point arc illumination for oblique light

- Transmitted light illumination with a wide range of applications\

- Integrated power supply unit, voltage range: 100 - 240V

- Stand Floor space: 331x257 mm, basic height: 35 mm

- Adjustable torque for focus drive


- Power cord

- Leica LED2500 user manual

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